Development of a Haptic System for Hand rehabilitation Robot and Home rehabilitation

Betreuer/in:            Dr. Alireza Abbasimoshaei, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kern           
Dekanat/Institut:   Mechanical engineering, Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics           


To have a useful therapy device with the ability of home rehabilitation, a concept for a suitable way of communication needs to be developed. In this system each device needs to transmit the collected data from their individual side. This data can be used for more analysis. As an example, in home rehabilitation there is a need to investigate the interaction forces between the robot and patient and send them to the physician. By sending the information of the patient’s hand activity, the physician has the possibility to analyze them and make the exercises more efficient. Moreover, by getting this commands from the physician, the patient will be encouraged to do the exercises better and the physician can compare the experimental results with the previous ones. To assure optimal communication, the concept should consider the demanding technical requirements of the haptic system.

In the first step, all requirements need to be determined. The Requirements consist of the sensors, the restrictions of rehabilitation, the transmission range and making a good connection. Following that, a technical analysis on the different ways of communication should be done. By using this information, different concepts for the implementation will be developed and checked that if they can meet all of the requirements. The technical evaluation consists of results from simulations and practical tests. After doing the evaluations, the best concept will be selected.

Target of the work is the objective choice of a concept for haptic system and evaluation of its implementation.

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