Development and validation of a design guideline for the MEX/M process for green part production

Background and motivation

Additive manufacturing offers great potential for the simple and direct production of complex and functional components from polymers and metals. The three-dimensional component is built up layer by layer. This reduces the complexity of a body to be manufactured in three dimensions to a large number of two-dimensional manufacturing steps and enables the implementation of very complex structures. Therefore, additive manufacturing offers great innovation potential compared to conventional manufacturing processes due to the freedom of design.

In the material extrusion of metals (MEX/M), a filament or granulate consisting of metal powder in a plastic matrix, which is melted and deposited in layers in webs until a so-called component is completely built up. These green parts are subsequently partially freed from the plastic matrix in a solvent and then completely debinded in a furnace process and sintered at high temperatures to form a dense metal component.

The aim of the work is therefore to develop and validate a design guideline to be able to manufacture green parts in a dimensionally accurate manner, taking into account the relevant influencing factors.

Contentof thework

  • Literature research on the current state of the art
  • Identification of relevant process parameters and influencing factors during production
  • Development of suitable sample geometries
  • Development and implementation of an experimental plan
  • Discussion and documentation of the results


What weexpect

  • Technical degree (e.g. mechanical engineering, production engineering or similar)
  • Strong communication skills, reliability and a self-reliant, structured way of working
  • Ideally first experience in additive manufacturing


For application or further questions please contact: M.Sc. Karim Asami Email: Phone: +49 40 42878-3454

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