Developing project management skills by teaching


Developing project management skills by teaching

Looking at the history of project management it seems like looking at the history of teaching: Many different modes have been tested and every new technical tool in the market had a new practice of project management and teaching implemented. But how can we as teachers profit from project management developement? And why is good teaching comparable with doing  good project management?

Goals and contents

In this workshop you will get to know different ways of project management and teaching. We will discuss and find out why teaching and project management fit together so well. We will work on these questions:

  • What kinds of teaching methods do we know?
  • What kinds of practicing project management are comparable?
  • What can we learn from project management?
  • What elements of project management can we use as teachers?
  • What can I personally learn from project management to develop my teaching skills?


You will work together, in groups and on your own. We will go for a walk around the campus to experience (using games), what we can improve as teachers.

Bring along

An open mind to think about teaching skills in a different manner. Motivation to do all kinds of methods during our summer day.

  •  Thursday, 18.06.20,
    9.30 am – 12.30 pm
  • E 4.033
With whom?
  • Siska Simon & Vytaute Dlugoborskyte
Workshop in English

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