Determination of aeroelastic properties using the example of a scaled test aircraft


In the course of the increasing efficiency improvement of aircraft, novel  aircraft configurations with extreme wing aspect ratios and extremely light wing structures are becoming more and more important. As a result, aeroelastic issues are already coming into focus during the design of new flight test vehicles. In order to be able to quantify these effects more closely at an early stage, efficient tools must be used with which the aeroelastic properties of the test aircraft can be evaluated. One such tool is ASWING. The integration of this tool and thus an evaluation of the structural analysis in the context of the overall system is the goal of current research work at the Institute of Aircraft Systems Engineering.


  • Familiarisation with the mathematical basics of aerodynamics and aeroelasticity
  • Familiarisation with ASWING and implementation in an existing tool chain
  • Modelling of a scaled test aircraft and analysis in ASWING
  • Comparison with experimental data
  • Analysis & evaluation of the results


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