Design a one-degree-of-freedom robot for paralyzed patients and control it by eye tracking

Betreuer/in:            Dr. Alireza Abbasimoshaei, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kern           
Dekanat/Institut:   Mechanical engineering, Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics           


The Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics is developing robots with different abilities. In the following of the projects, IMEK is using eye tracking as one of the controlling ways to move the robot parts and combining this controlling system with medical robots. For implementation of this controlling system, a one-degree-of-freedom robot should be developed which provides wrist flexion/extension movement.

The development of this system is restricted by demanding technical requirements on different aspects such as the size and weight of the actuators. Moreover, it has to guarantee the stability of the system to provide a comfortable system for patients. It is necessary to develop a design and control concept for the device which supplies the platform by taking the given restrictions into account. Thus, the first step of the work is the mechanical part and designing a system for the wrist flexion/extension movement. Considering the design, the next step is finding the appropriate actuators for the system.

Due to the fact that paralyzed patients can control the movements just by moving their eyes, the eye tracking system is a useful way to help them for doing their works. It is important to be sure about the robustness of the system. For that reason, the development should include the analysis of possible disturbances.

The evaluation of the concepts will be based on the smooth movements of the system. The technical evaluation should consider results from simulations and practical tests. The aim of the work is designing a one-degree-of-freedom robot for paralyzed patients and implementation of the eye tracking control on that with the possibility for developing in the future.


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