(DE/ENG) Simulation-Aided Analysis of Core Structures of Additively Manufactured Heat Exchangers for Aerospace Applications

Betreuer/in:            Tim Röver           
Dekanat/Institut:   G-2 iLAS           

E-Mail:   tim.roever@tuhh.de

Background and motivation
Additive manufacturing (AM) offers great potential for the simple and direct production of complex and functional components made of polymers and metals. In power bed fusion (PBF), three-dimensional components are built up layer by layer. This reduces the complexity of a three-dimensional body to be manufactured to a multitude of two-dimensional manufacturing steps and enables the implementation of very complex structures. Due to the freedom of design, PBF offers great innovation potential compared to conventional manufacturing processes. In many cases, component designs that exploit the possibilities of AM show higher technical performance or functionality compared to components manufactured by conventional processes. Previous works on additively manufactured heat exchangers (AM HXs) showed that heat transfer improvements and pressure loss reductions are possible through the use of AM and an associated complex geometry of fluid-fluid heat exchangers (HXs). In aerospace technology, gas‑liquid heat exchangers are of interest for numerous applications. This student work’s goal is to use numerical analysis to compare core structures for gas-liquid heat exchangers. Existing core structures are to be investigated and design guidelines for AM heat exchanger core structures of high efficiency are to be developed.

Contents of the thesis

  • Research on state of the art of science and technology
  • Compilation of existing heat exchanger core structures from literature
  • Set-up and validation of one or multiple basic CFD models for assessment of the different heat exchanger core structures
  • Development of at least one novel and high efficient heat exchanger core structure
  • Assessment of efficiency of multiple heat exchanger core structures based on CFD
  • Development of design guidelines for AM heat exchanger core structures of high efficiency
  • Documentation of results (in either English or German)


What we expect from you

  • Ongoing studies in a relevant discipline (theoretical mechanical engineering, energy systems, mechanical engineering, production engineering, computing in science, computational methods in mechanical engineering, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills, reliability and an independent and structured way of working
  • Ideally, you will have experience in the fields of numerical analysis (especially CFD), heat exchanger design, aircraft systems and/or additive manufacturing


If you have questions about the offer or want to apply for the position contact:

M.Sc. Tim Röver

Email: tim.roever@tuhh.de

Phone: +49 40 484010-785


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