Current events on teaching in Covid-19

The 2nd Covid 19 semester is in full swing. Currently, there are many opportunities to learn with and from others at TUHH and beyond:

10.11.2020, 17-18:30, Zoom, Event: Scientific staff members who completed the qualification programme “I³ProTeachING” or “Research-based Learning at TUHH” convincingly presented 16 practical projects in Zoom in front of a large audience in a festive atmosphere. The event took place as part of the WiMis Getting Started 2020 kick-off.

11.11.2020, 14-17 h, Zoom, Workshop: The Higher Education Forum Digitisation offers the half-day online workshop “Learning from the Corona Semester. First research results”.

12.11.2020, 9 am – 4 pm, Zoom: The Bologna Lab of the HU Berlin and the ZLL of the TUHH offer the online workshop “Solving Multidimensional Challenges of Research-Based Learning in Digital Times Together” as part of the transfer project “Evidence-Based Design of Research-Based Learning” (Evig-FL).

11/12.11.2020, start 10 am on both days, online: The Higher Education Forum on Digitisation, the DAAD and TU Berlin are organising the DigiEduHack.

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