Connecting HE-Teachers for innovative teaching in Europe

COLLab-Conference: Connecting Teachers for innovative learning and teaching

Learning and teaching is a life-long task and experience. For teachers in higher education (HE) it can be a solitary one, often pushed aside by priorities in research. Additional challenges posed by digitization arise for all teachers as well as HE-developers – independent from physical boarders or study diciplines. In order to prepare their students for future tasks in digital and international working environments teachers make use of innovative pedagogical methods and benefit from experiences made by their colleagues.

The COLLab-conference seeks to support HE-teachers and developers overcome obstacles and find answers to those new challenges. On 10th February 2022 from 10am to 5pm (CET) the online-conference offers a condensed day of interexchange and fresh ideas about HE-teaching on a European scale. With the triad of inspiration, collaboration and the launch of a new networking-platform the conference aims to be the starting point for the development of innovative teaching formats and an international HE-teaching community. Inspirational talks on the future of teaching and learning are followed by presentations of teaching-award winners from different countries demonstrating their implementation of innovative learning experiences. Networking is at the heart of the conference and all participants will get ample opportunity to connect with others. All participants get the opportunity to set up a profile and establish communities of practice within the newly launched COLLab-platform. This online-space initiates discussions and the formation of groups of teachers based on contemporary learning methods like Challenge Based Learning (CBL), Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) or any other innovative pedagogical format set up by the community.

The COLLab-conference is free of charge and will take place online. It is open for registration and all HE-teachers and HE-developers are welcome to join. Further information can be found on the COLLab-Website.

COLLab is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership coordinated by the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal). Further members of COLLab are: Università degli studi di Trento (Italy), Technische Universität Hamburg (Germany), Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (Lithuania) and Universitetet i Stavanger (Norway). These Universities are part of a wider alliance called European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), a leading European university network that challenges conventional ways of teaching, researching and innovating through the EU European Universities initiatives. Learn more at

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