Computer-aided controller design for a flying drone

For future research and teaching purposes in the field of flight dynamics, a flight drone built at the Institute of Air Transport Systems is to be expanded to include a position controller. The ILT quadcopter has an optimised position controller, which follows the pilot’s commands by specifying the reference trajectories for thrust, roll and pitch angles. The existing control system is to be understood in the first step. In the second step, the controller model developed at the chair is to be extended by an external position loop and validated via flight tests. The overriding boundary condition here is that the complete navigation solution consisting of position, speed and attitude determination is formed by the integrated inertial sensor system (IMU – Inertial Measurement Unit), which is independent of external factors. Since the recursive calculation method used here (strapdown algorithm) only provides an accurate navigation solution over a short period of time without further supporting information, other sensor systems are to be considered which can be used to support the inertial sensor system.

– Familiarisation with ILT quadcopter (flight tests and setup with existing position control)
– Classification of controller model and sensor technology (IMU) in the state of the art
– Familiarisation with strapdown algorithm and recursive calculation methods
– Extension of the position loop with position loop
– Validation of the position controller via flight tests
– Discussion of the results
– Documentation of the results

– Basic knowledge in the field of programming
– Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics I advantageous
– Advanced knowledge of open-source Arduino software (IDE) desirable
– Motivation and ability to work independently
– Very good knowledge of German and English

Start and duration:
From now, for approx. 6 months

M.Sc. Daniel Bodmer Institute of Air Transport Systems TU Hamburg / German Aerospace Center

+49 40 2489641 286

Official tender:


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