Communication systems in DC-grids on ships

Betreuer/in:            Jana Ihrens           
Dekanat/Institut:   M-4, Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics           


With increasing shares of renewable energy sources (RES), the electrical power grid is changing
rapidly. The integration of RES and energy storages like PV, fuel-cells and batteries into the grid
is easier in a DC-system as conversions can be minimized. Therefore, efficiency is better in a DC-
Ships need especially secure electrical power grids onboard and as RES are emerging in this sector
as well, tendencies towards the “all-electric-ship” also include considerations of changing the grid
to a (part-) DC-grid.
All different parts that can be used in a DC-grid need some kind of communication between de-
vices to ensure a stable and secure operation. For this communication standardized protocols can
be used (e.g. ModBUs, CanBus, IEC61850, Profinet/Ethernet), therefore, an investigation of direct
DC connections between components and their necessary communication should be conducted.

The aim of this thesis should be:

  • investigation which communication between devices is necessary
  • evaluation of possible demands for communication systems in power grids (special functionality, limitations, additional merits)
  • finding communication protocols that are being/can be used on ships/between devices and possible interfaces
  • analytical assessment of possible communication protocols in a DC-grid
  • identification of problems in terms of security and stable operation

Contact: Jana Ihrens


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