Application for student assistant (SHK)

The ZLL supports institutes with its third-party funds acquired for the further development of teaching at the TUHH, among other things, to hire student assistants (SHKs) for projects to further develop teaching. Funding can currently only be applied for within the framework of measures for the internationalization of teaching funded by the ZLL (currently until the end of 2022).

Eligible applications are those in which SHKs support teachers as part of the internationalization of teaching-innovative measures, such as the creation of materials for the introduction of innovative teaching-learning models, the design of eLearning modules, the conversion to online teaching, surveys and evaluations and their analysis, as well as documentation or programming tasks. Standard tasks and tasks that occur each time the innovative event is run again cannot be supported. When submitting the application, it must be made clear that the measures are sustainable, i.e. can be borne by the institute itself once SHK funding has ended.

The following criteria must be met for the application to be eligible:

  1. Module(s) is in the master’s area (or fifth to sixth semester of the bachelor’s area)
  2. Further development of and conversion to PBL or Challenge-Based Learning teaching-learning settings.
  3. English language modules open to (at least) students from other ECIU universities.
  4. SDG 11 suitable
  5. Willingness to participate in further pilot projects (more details available upon request)

Professors and senior engineers of the TUHH are eligible to apply.


    Antragsteller*in (Prof. oder Obering.)




    Ihre TUHH Mailadresse

    Art der Hilfskraft

    Name der Hilfskraft (falls noch nicht bekannt, „N. N.“ angeben)



    Betroffene(n) Lehrveranstaltung(en) des Moduls, inklusive Art (Vorlesung, Gruppenübung o. ä.) der Lehrveranstaltung(en)

    O. g. Modul ist in folgenden Studiengängen

    Bachelor (Mehrfachauswahl möglich; falls die Veranstaltung nur in Masterstudiengängen ist, bitte „nicht zutreffend“ wählen)

    Master (Mehrfachauswahl möglich; falls die Veranstaltung nur in Bachelorstudiengängen ist, bitte „nicht zutreffend“ wählen)


    Dauer (Monate)


    Umfang (Stunden/Monat)

    Semester der Erstdurchführung

    Kurzdarstellung der Lehrinnovation

    Aufgaben der SHK

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