Workshops offered in English
18.06.20, new: Developing project management skills by teaching (Siska Simon & Vytaute Dlugoborskyte)

Target group: teaching staff

Looking at the history of project management it seems like looking at the history of teaching: Many different modes have been tested and every new technical tool in the market had a new practice of project management and teaching implemented. But how can we as teachers profit from project management developement? And why is good teaching comparable with doing  good project management?

Goals and content

In this workshop you will get to know different ways of project management and teaching. We will discuss and find out why teaching and project management fit together so well. We will work on these questions:

  • What kinds of teaching methods do we know?
  • What kinds of practicing project management are comparable?
  • What can we learn from project management?
  • What elements of project management can we use as teachers?
  • What can I personally learn from project management to develop my teaching skills?


You will work together, in groups and on your own. We will go for a walk around the campus to experience (using games), what we can improve as teachers.

Bring along

An open mind to think about teaching skills in a different manner. Motivation to do all kinds of methods during our summer day.

Time: Thurday, 18th of June, 09:30-12:30 o’clock

Place: Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, room E 4.033

01.07.20: Supervising & assessing theses (Sara Bornhöft & Jenny Alice Rohde)

target group: teaching staff

Supervising bachelor and master theses is a responsible and rather challenging task. In the workshop, we deal with questions and challenges concerning the supervision process and work out how you can support the students to handle their thesis.


  • responsibility in the supervision process
  • constructive text feedback
  • dealing with difficult situations

The workshop offers the opportunity to discuss situations in the process of supervision that you experienced as challenging. So, you are welcome to bring along a situation that you found challenging when looking after written work.

time: Wednesday, 01.07.20, 09:30 – 16:30 o’clock

place: Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, room E 4.033

Workshops for your students: The Central Student Counselling regularly offers workshops on scientific writing and other topics that you can recommend to your students if required (see here). There is also an NTA seminar on “Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten”.

18.09.20: CDIO – Educating engineers who can actually engineer (Kristina Edström)

description will be added soon

Time: Friday, 18.09.20, 09:30-16:30 o’clock

Place: Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, room E 4.033

Workshops offered in German

Please contact if you’d like this workshop in English

24.03.20: Body language & stage presence in teaching (Ingrid Gündisch)
Target group: Research assistants, lecturers and chief engineers

Methods and exercises from the theatre field are used to work on the body language appearance in teaching: After the training of self-perception and perception by others, of targeted observation and sensitisation to the subject of body language, a conscious body language is trained through acting exercises, role plays and small improvisations.

Goals & contents

  • Body language self-perception and external perception
  • Authentic and convincing through body language
  • spatial behaviour and stage presence in teaching

The aim of the seminar is to expand the individual possibilities of body language means of expression and to improve the room presence in order to be able to arrange the own appearance, the lecture or the presentation in the seminar and lecture hall convincingly, authentically and effectively.

Time: Tue, 24.03., 09:30-17:00 o’clock

Place: Channel 4 – Room 0.01

23.04.20: Motivating students (Siska Simon)
Target Group: Research Assistants, Lecturers and Chief Engineers

All teachers want motivated students – but what does “being motivated” mean and how can this be influenced in teaching?

Goals & Contents

In this workshop we deal with the topic “motivation” theoretically as well as practically and work out solutions for your specific situation together with you. To do this, we will focus on the following questions:

  • What are the different forms of motivation?
  • What are motivating and demotivating factors in teaching?
  • What didactic measures can we take to promote student motivation?
  • Which measures are suitable for your course?


In addition to inputs on theory, this workshop will include practical phases of small group work and collegial exchange.

Bring along

The workshop offers the opportunity to exchange ideas about one’s own difficult situations. Please bring along an example from your teaching practice which you would like to work on with us.

Time: Thu., 23.04., 09.00-13.00 o’clock

Place: Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, Room E 4.033

14.05.20, new: The Culture Map: acting professionally in intercultural teaching scenarios (Siska Simon)
Target Group: Research Assistants, Lecturers and Chief Engineers

If you look at the nationalities of the students at TUHH, you will be pleased about the supra-regional attractiveness of our university. But do we feel well prepared to work and teach in intercultural teams? We want to sound out the opportunities and risks together and reflect on fundamental questions of attitude as teachers. In addition, the Culture Map will be explained and its applicability in the university context discussed.

Goals and Contents

In this workshop you will receive tips and hints on how to successfully shape teaching with intercultural student groups. We will therefore address the following questions:

  • What does origin mean for the teaching context?
  • What is the Culture Map and why can it be a first introduction?
  • How can the Culture Map specifically help you plan your course?
  • Why is dealing with intercultural teams a question of attitude?


The workshop is designed in such a way that a later joint half-day meeting will take place (date will be set jointly), during which experiences with the use of the Culture Map will be gathered and conclusions drawn jointly.

Bring along

Interest in cultural framework conditions in teaching and openness for reflection on one’s own teaching attitude. Own intercultural (teaching, learning) experiences are helpful, but not a prerequisite.

Time: Thu, 14.05.20, 09:30-16:00 o’clock

Place: Am Schwarzenberg Campus 3, Room E 4.033

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This series of events offers you the opportunity to work on current university and subject didactic topics along your own teaching and to exchange ideas with colleagues in a small circle. It is designed by experts from the ZLL and the Fachdidaktik für Ingenieurwissenschaften.

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