Technology and The Sea – Fascination Marine Technology

Enjoy this Podcast by Bärbel Fening in cooperation with the German Association for Marine Technology (GMT). In the first episode, Dr. Walter Kühnlein (chairman of GMT) and Prof. Sören Ehlers (vice chairman of GMT) talk about what marine technology is, what is so fascinating about it, and the impact of marine technology for the future.

Contributions to ICIMECE 2021

The 7th International E-Conference on Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering (ICIMECE 2021) takes place in Indonesia on 5th October 2021. These are our contributions:

Recent progress on geometrical and stress concentration characterization of welded joints, for which Moritz Braun received a best presenter award:

Simulation of two-dimensional ice crushing processes with the Mohr-Coulomb Nodal Split model (speaker Hauke Herrnring):