Study on Collision Behaviour of SPS Side Structures

Field of research: Ship Structural Design; Load Carrying Behaviour;Collision and Grounding

Duration: 01.01.2004 – 30.06.2006

Project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Funded by: Industry (Coordinator: Intelligent Engineering, Ottawa) – 4 partners


For a sandwich plate system consisting of steel faceplates and a fully bonded core made from polyurethane (so-called SPS plates), material and failure models have been developed. These are an elastic-plastic material model for the core, a criterion that predicts fracture of the core and a failure model to predict delamination between core and faceplates. Examples are given on how to use these models for FE analysis of sandwich structures subjected to extreme loads.

Final Report

C. Wei├čenborn: Material and Failure Models for SPS Sandwich Plates Subjected to Extreme Loads. Bericht 643, Schriftenreihe Schiffbau der TU Hamburg-Harburg, Sept. 2008

Further Publications:

C. Wei├čenborn, W. Fricke, S. Kennedy: Bond Strength of SPS Panels – Failure Criterion and Finite Element Modelling. Schiffstechnik / Ship Technology Research 55 (2008), pp. 98 – 114