The Institute conducts lectures and exercises in the study programs on naval architecture and ocean engineering as well as marine engineering. On this homepage you find a list of the individual lectures together with a short description. Further information can be found in the commented university calendar and in the course catalogue.

In addition, projects incl. diploma, bachelor and master theses are frequently issued and supervised. The subjects are often associated with the current research projects or offered in cooperation with the industry.


Fundamentals of Ship Structural Analysis

History of Shipbuilding

Introduction in Naval Architecture III

Ship Structural Design I

Ship Structural Design II


Ship Vibration

Structural Analysis of Ships and Offshore Structures

Elective courses

High-Order FEM

Computational Structural Dynamics

Fatigue Strength of Ships and Offshore Structures 

Nonlinear Structural Analysis

       Numerical Algorithms In Structural Mechanics

Special Topics of Ship Structural Design