Coordination Action on Assessment of Life Cycle Effects of Repairs of Tankers

Field of research: Fabrication Effects on Structural Behaviour; Service Effects on Structural Behaviour

Duration: 01.11.2006 – 31.10.2008

Project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Funded by: EU (FKZ TCA5-CT-2006-031459) – 6 partners (Coordinator: University of Newcastle)


  stress curve


Recent tanker accidents in European waters have ended with catastrophic consequences in which structural deficiencies may have largely contributed to the accident. Casualty investigation after the incidents identified the need for better understanding in areas of the detecting of defects and weaknesses during and after both survey and repairs; the reduction of any adverse effects of repairs; and the current strength requirements for deck opening securing arrangements

The Assessment of Life-cycle Effect of Repairs on Tankers (ALERT) project will undertake a thorough examination of current practices in the field of ship repair and to propose improvements to the underlying processes in consultation with industry. The project intends to critically review the current and emerging technologies, identify and prioritise future R&D needs and developments, in the areas of ship repair practices (WP1), Condition monitoring of ships (WP2), Structural assessment methodologies (WP3) and Through life management (WP4). Finally, the project will disseminate and exploit the results through publications, seminars and workshops and prepare R&D project proposals (WP5).

Main involvement of TUHH:

Workpackage 1 – Ship Repair Practices

Workpackage 3 – Structural Assessment Methods

Final Report


Further Publications

Proc. Ship Repair Technology 2008 Symposium, Newcastle Univ. 2008

J. Downes, R. Dow, W. Fricke, N. Barltrop, L. Xu: An assessment of the effect of repairs on the strength of tankers. Proc. Ship Repair Technology 2008 Symposium, Newcastle Univ. 2008

W. Fricke, S. Zacke: Influence of welding sequence and structural stiffness on residual stresses of a replaced plate during ship repair. Proc. Ship Repair Technology 2008 Symposi-um, Newcastle Univ. 2008