What are we doing in Mobility Lab?

The mobility behavior of Hamburg residents is currently in a state of upheaval. This means different needs and challenges for society, politics, and the economy.

The mobility behavior of Hamburg citizens is in transition.

In Mobility Lab Hamburg the youth can think and discuss the further development of mobility culture for the city. Within the framework of innovative formats such as Design Thinking Labs and in cooperation with a variety of urban actors, a space for social discourse is to be created on what sustainable mobility patterns in Hamburg might look like in the future. The Mobility Lab supports an active participation and learning process about the core issues of integrated urban development, promoting in this way the understanding and acceptance of urban transformation processes. The aim is to develop an experimental approach to innovative solutions and ideas for current and future challenges of urban mobility and communicate them to politics and administration for future transport development planning.

Mobility Lab is one of the concrete projects for the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations in Hamburg.

Photos ©Gerd Hachmann