Prof. Liese consulted 3sat as expert

A recent news report by the German-language television network 3sat focused on the long-term effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska from 1989. They published an article with a news clip. In the clip, Prof. Dr. Andreas Liese was consulted as expert discussing the effects of oil spills on the microbial communities and their role in oil degradation.

The news article can be read on the website of 3sat.


Prof. Dr. Liese appears at around 1 min into the news clip.

Schule MIT Wissenschaft – Prof. Liese gives a lecture on biocatalysis

Prof. Dr. Andreas Liese gave a lecture at the conference for STEM teachers (Konferenz für MINT-Lehrkräfte) in Hamburg on June 27, 2018. The lecture was titled “Biokatalyse an der Grenze von Chemie, Biologie und Verfahrenstechnik” (~”Biocatalysis at the interface between Chemistry, Biology and Process Engineering”).

In the scope of this conference, the lecture was recorded and was now made available online to watch.