Schule MIT Wissenschaft – Prof. Liese gives a lecture on biocatalysis

Prof. Dr. Andreas Liese gave a lecture at the conference for STEM teachers (Konferenz für MINT-Lehrkräfte) in Hamburg on June 27, 2018. The lecture was titled “Biokatalyse an der Grenze von Chemie, Biologie und Verfahrenstechnik” (~”Biocatalysis at the interface between Chemistry, Biology and Process Engineering”).

In the scope of this conference, the lecture was recorded and was now made available online to watch.

New Open Positions!

We have several new open positions in our institute.

There is an open position as research assistant that will work on bio- and chemocatalytic reaction sequences in “Smart Reactors”.

Two master theses are available. One master thesis focuses on the chemoenzymatic synthesis of fatty alcohols. The other master thesis is about inline process analytics using IR spectrosopic measurements.


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