M.Sc. Zeynep Percin

PhD student

Institute of Technical Biocatalysis
Hamburg University of Technology
Denickestr. 15; 21073 Hamburg

Office: DE15, 1509

Tel. +49-40-42878-2505

E-mail: zeynep.percin@tuhh.de


Applicability and Scale-Up of Fine Bubble Technology in Biocatalytic applications


Many biocatalytic reactions are carried out in multiphase systems, where the gas phase acts as second substrate. The focus of this research study is working with a novel method of aeration with fine bubbles in order to increase enzyme stability and mass transfer. The outcome can improve and optimize biocatalytic reactions utilizing gaseous substrates for various enzymatic reaction systems.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Supervision of the BVT1 and BVT2 Practical Courses for Master And Bachelor Students+
  • I3 Proteaching Programm: Qualification Programme for Innovative and Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Engineering Sciences

Supervised Thesis and BTAs

  • Summer Semester, 2021: BTA (Vincent Heinecke)

Memberships and other activities

  • DECHEMA Membership


  • International Symposium – From Costa Rican Resources to Circular Bioeconomy, 2021
  • Himmelfahrtstagung on Bioprocess Engineering, 2021

Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Z. Percin, B. Thomas, D. Ohde, S. Matthes, P. Bubenheim, M. Schlüter and A. Liese, A Novel Aeration Technique for Enhanced Mass, Bioprocess Engineering, Online conference, 2021, poster presentation


  • DECHEMA Virtual Talks: Smart Reactors, 2020 and 2021
  • Production Processes for the Bioeconomy: BASF and Evonik – TUHH, 2020
  • BASF Conceptual Engineering Academy at TUHH, 2018


  • Master Your Doctoral Project Successfully, 2021
  • Introduction to the Rules of Good Scientific Practice, 2020
  • Statistical Methods for Analysis of Engineering Data, 2019


  • D. Ohde, B. Thomas, S. Matthes, Z. Percin, C. Engelmann, P. Bubenheim, K. Terasaka, M. Schlüter and A. Liese, Fine Bubble-based CO2 Capture Mediated by Triethanolamine Coupled to Whole Cell Biotransformation, Chem. Ing. Tech., 2019, 91, No:12, 1822-1826