Our institute takes part in different educational programs. We are actively involved in several B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs in Chemical Engineering, General Engineering Science and Bioprocess Engineering as well as in the education of BTA and CTA apprentices.

Courses are offered in Fundamentals of Bioprocess Engineering, Technical Biocatalysis, Biochemistry, Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology and advanced study topics.

The children of today are the engineers of tomorrow:

The Institute of Technical Biocatalysis runs the unique “Kinderforscher” and “Nachwuchscampus“ programs bringing together schools, university and companies. We develop school programs, school/TUHH programs as well as school/company programs motivating pupils and teachers for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

The Nachwuchscampus brings schools and companies together. The project aims at pupils, grades 7-12, getting interested in science and jobs in the STEM-field. Since 2011 we have enriched 50 cooperations with experiments, teaching and career orientation material.

For more information check the Kinderforscher & Nachwuchscampus websites: