Environmental Biotec

The group of Environmental Biotech develops sustainable biotechnological processes to address environmental problems such as waste disposal, plastic pollution or the generation of huge amounts of unutilized by-products and residues. The transformation and valorisation of renewable resources, biomass and biowastes is the key to obtain bioenergy and biofuels as substitutes of fossil fuels, as well as new chemicals, building-blocks and polymers with new functionalities and biotechnological applications. New valorisation strategies together with improved bio-processing and biorefinery represent a step forward to achieve a circular bioeconomy, based on the sustainable use of biological and renewable sources which are recovered and reused as much as possible.

Research Fields

  • Marine resources
  • Biowaste valorisation
  • Plastic degradation
  • Biomass transformation
  • Renewable sources of chemicals and energy

Group Leader: Dr. Ana Malvis Romero