New Open Positions!

We have several new open positions in our institute.

There is an open position as research assistant that will work on bio- and chemocatalytic reaction sequences in “Smart Reactors”.

Two master theses are available. One master thesis focuses on the chemoenzymatic synthesis of fatty alcohols. The other master thesis is about inline process analytics using IR spectrosopic measurements.


Visit THESES & JOBS to look for more open positions.

Institute Excursion: Sunburn, Mud and Cheerfulness

For this year’s institute excursion, we went to the Wadden Sea. It is a world heritage site and the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world.

The mud flat hiking tour began in Sahlenburg (Cuxhaven) and lead to the island Neuwerk. On the island, we had a great lunch and afterwards leisure time. Some people used the time for sunbathing and others for the exploration of the island. There were even some who went for a dive in the now water-filled Wadden Sea.

Fun fact: Neuwerk is an exclave of Hamburg and is listed as a district of Hamburg-Mitte. Therefore, we went from Hamburg-Harburg to Hamburg-Mitte and back to Hamburg-Harburg.