Hack STEM 2021

How do we inspire teenagers and children for STEM?

This was discussed at a virtual roundtable as part of the HackSTEM-Event (www.hackstem.es) by Siemens Gamesa in collaboration with Spanish Startups.
In this 1.5 hour German roundtable event “Excite-Enable-Ignite for a STEM Future”, TUHH Professor Alexander Penn interviewed innovative creators of educational STEM-opportunities starting at age 8-adult: Listen to Andrea Brose director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) at the TUHH (www.tuhh.de), Dr. Julia Freudenberg, Founder of the Hacker School (www.hacker-school.de), Dr. Sebastian Staacks, Developer of Phyphox (www.phyphox.org), RWTH Aachen University (www.rwth-aachen.de), Gesine Liese, Founder of KinderForscher at the Technische Universität Hamburg (www.kinderforscher.de) and the Nachwuchscampus at the TU Hamburg (www.nachwuchscampus.de) as well as the STEM-teacher Olaf Zeiske from the Goethe-Schule Harburg. 

This roundtable focused on how to promote STEM programs that will motivate the next generation of STEM professionals working hand in hand with STEM teachers in the classroom.