Hydrophilic Dragonases Found at the Hamburg Port Anniversary

The third day of the 830th Hamburg port anniversary was blessed by perfect weather for paddling. Our ITB raced on this day, the 12.05.2019, in the yearly dragon boat race against other companies. In our glorious team, the Hydrophilic Dragonases, we not only mobilised people from the ITB, but also friends from the Institute of Multiphase Flows and the TUHH rowing club RuderING. Together, we trained and had thrilling matches against the other teams. It was always by an arm’s length when we didn’t win match. In the triumphant challenge of the hydrophilic Dragonases against the dragons from C. Steinweg, both were seperated in front of the finishing line only by a dragons sniff, namely 0.3 seconds.
Altogether, we reached the 5th place and had a lot of fun. The Hydrophilic Dragonases will now undergo an engineering optimization for one year to reach the next generation of dragonases with enhanced flow properties and improved paddling rates.

Results from the third day of the Hamburg Harbour Cup:
1. Platz Deutsche Bank Dragons Hamburg (Deutsche Bank AG)
2. Platz Sauberdrachen (Stadtreiningung Hamburg)
3. Platz BASF Dragons (BASF Coatings GmbH)
4. Platz Die Aichberger BGHM
5. Platz Hydrophilic Dragonases (Institut für Technische Biokatalyse, TUHH)
6. Platz C. Steinweg
7. Platz Orange Vikings (Ohly GmbH)