Weihnachtsgrüße von Andreas Timm-Giel

English version below.

Andreas Timm-Giel, geschäftsführender Präsident der TU Hamburg, wünscht Ihnen frohe Feiertage und einen guten Start in 2021.

Andreas Timm-Giel, Acting President of TU Hamburg, wishes you happy holidays and a good start in 2021.

„Dear professors, dear staff, dear colleagues, dear students,

2020 was an exciting and turbulent year for all of us at the Hamburg University of Technology. Together we have set new impulses at our university and also overcome hurdles. This would not have been possible without your commitment and cooperation. I would like to thank you very much for that.

Of course, the Corona pandemic did not pass us by uneventfully. For example, we completely converted our teaching to digital in the summer semester. With cooperation and drive, we managed this smoothly in a very short time. The current winter semester has run in a hybrid form so far, so that our new first-year students in particular could start their studies well and successfully.

We have continued to grow and welcomed many new professors this year. The Executive Board has also been restructured with Arne Burda as Head of Administration and Irina Smirnova as Vice President Research. With our activities within the framework of the ECIU University and the I3 Labs, we have continued to increase the focus on innovation in engineering sciences in 2020. In this way, we want to solve the real-life challenges with technology.

We can also feel these challenges at the very moment. The Corona pandemic will still be with us in the new year, which will have an impact on the current budget situation of the Senate and our university. But I am sure that together we will get through these difficult times and overcome them.

But let us look ahead. We will soon be able to move into the new Zentrum für Studium und Promotion, and I look forward to more exciting topics in research and study. For the new year, I especially hope that we can meet again soon on our campus.

I thank you for your dedication and commitment in the past year and I am already looking forward to the coming year with you. Together we will shape and develop the future of TU Hamburg. I wish you Happy Holidays and a good start to the New Year.“

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