The basic internship should be completed before you start your studies. It is an opportunity to learn about basic tasks and tools that fall under the remit of engineering. A basic internship typically involves learning about production processes (e.g. filing, drilling, milling, rolling, riveting) as well as joining and cutting processes (e.g. welding, soldering). For more information, see the internship regulations. Previous experience is generally not required. Many students say that completing a basic internship helped them improve their knowledge and motivated them in their studies. If you are looking for a basic internship, please get in touch with the relevant internship office.

The advanced internship allows you to gain an insight into the daily work of a qualified engineer. You may be expected to make use of knowledge from your studies. As the advanced internship is planned for the seventh semester, immediately before you write your Bachelor’s dissertation, you can complete tasks close to those expected of a Bachelor’s graduate. You should be involved in a specific project and gain a broader overview of an area you could work in the future. Typical tasks include construction, quality control, assembly, maintenance, or development.