Information for prospective students

  1. Are there any language requirements?
    Yes, every applicant has to prove sufficient knowledge in German and English. Please find more information on the scope of the language requirements and the type and time of their proof here.
  2. How can I prepare for the study program?
    To test your knowledge and prepare for the study program in mathematics, informatics, natural science, and technology the Hamburg universities offer free orientation tests and onlines courses at https://www.mintfit.hamburg/. In addition, TUHH offers special preparation courses for international students.

Information about the basic internship

  1. Which Internship Office must I contact as an ES student?
    Students of the ES program can choose an internship based on the Internship Regulations of any course of study of the possible specializations. An overview of the possible Internship Offices and their internship regulations can be found here.
  2. Can the internship be split between multiple companies?
    Yes, but every part of the internship should last at least four weeks.
  3. Can the internship be done in a foreign country?
    Yes, the basic internship can be completed abroad. This must, however, be approved by the internship office BEFORE the start of the internship.
  4. Can the internship be split between multiple Internship Offices?
    No. All parts of the internship need to be checked and signed by the same Internship Office.
  5. Am I insured during the internship?
    The 10-week basic internship is a mandatory internship and, hence, is often outside the scope of national insurance. Please ask your health insurance for further information.

Information about the choice of specialization

  1. When do I need to choose a specialization?
    You have to choose your specialization once you want to register for the first exam of that specialization. Typically the first exams of the major are scheduled for the 5th semester.
  2. How do I choose a specialization?
    The specialization is selected when registering for the exam. At the beginning, all exams of the respective specializations will be visible in the self-service function. Select the exam from your desired specialization. As soon as you have chosen one exam, the exams of the other specializations will no longer be displayed. Should problems arise during the exam registration phase, please contact the IT support directly and immediately: servicedesk+tune(at)tuhh.de